Mission Seniors Activity Centre

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About Us

The Mission Seniors Centre Association has worked diligently with multiple organizations, leadership and individuals to establish (and soon relocate to) a permanent Seniors Centre in our community. Boswyk Seniors Centre will open in 2021 - we are very excited as it nears completion!

To realize the goal of achieving a new, autonomous and inclusive facility, as well as maximizing use of the current Centre, you are invited to come and join us in taking advantage of an incredible opportunity.

Broad participation by the senior community is critically important, if we are to have a dedicated, thriving, self-managed centre. There is a wide range of activities and suggestions for new endeavors are always welcome. There is also a need for volunteers to carry out a variety of tasks.

The Boswyk Seniors Centre will be as successful as we seniors determine it to be.

The welcome mat is out and we look forward to having you come and participate in our
programs as well as forge new relationships and friendships. It is your Centre and you can be a vital part of both sustaining and creating a successful facility that will serve the community for generations to come. Dare to dream - - - we've all helped to make the Boswyk Seniors Centre dream a reality!

The current Mission Seniors Centre is located at 10th and Taulbut. We can be contacted at 604-814-2188 or by e-mail at MissionSeniors@gmail.com between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. 

You are encouraged to call or drop in at your convenience.